Types of Construction Loans Available

  • Apartments      5+ units
  • Commercial    Office, Mixed-Use, Retail, Strip Centers
  • FHA 203(k)      Single Family Property Loan
  • FHA 221(d)4    Multi-Family Loan
  • Industrial          Warehouses, Manufacturing, Storage
  • Residential      1-4 units
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Remodeling & Renovations

  • Acquisition costs - purchase cost of the land
  • Soft costs - architectural plans, building permits, etc.
  • Hard costs - actual costs associated with the materials & physical labor.
  • Closing costs - construction loan, title insurance, escrow, real estate taxes, & per diem interest.
  • Interest reserves - reserve account that will make the payments on the construction loan during construction.
  • Contingency reserves - reserve account that will pay unexpected cost overruns.

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